Terms for use of DTU Findit

Version 1.2


Systematic downloading and storage (including entire books or journals) through this web interface and/or the web interface of the content owners (publishers, organisations, databases, etc) is strictly prohibited.

In general,

  • terms and conditions associated with any document downloaded through - or delivered as a result of a document request made in - DTU Findit must be respected.
  • redistribution for commercial purpose of documents downloaded through or delivered by DTU Findit is strictly prohibited.

Information collection

DTU Findit collects usage information to improve the quality of our services. This information is gathered from a variety of sources including:

  • Information from DTU Library's user database, including your name, email address etc. (logged-in users only)
  • Information from your use of DTU Findit, such as article downloads, search terms, clickthroughs and more.
  • Information sent by your web browser, such as Findit specific cookies, device information and IP address.

Use of information

We use the collected information to analyse our application's performance, to measure our success in servicing DTU Findits's visitors and to improve DTU Findit with new features.

Sharing of information

The only information we share with third parties is the information processed by Google Analytics. See our cookie policy for more details.